Utica Bid: Due January 6 2017

Utica Bid: Due January 6 2017

Dec 23, 2016

Hueber-Breuer Construction would like to invite you to bid Utica Hardware building. This project located at 330 Main Street, Utica NY 13501 will take an existing (5) story (including basement) heavy timber building and convert it into a mixed use facility with residential apartments and retail space.

General summary of the work is comprised of the following:

1) The main building is roughly 113,000 SF and will include the construction of a 58 unit apartment complex and establishing retail/tenant space on the 1st floor.
2) All new utilities will be installed.
3) Portions of the exterior facade walls will be rebuilt on the North, East, South & West elevations.
4) New MEP’s throughout the building.

Please reply within Procore if you are bidding or not.

For questions, you may contact Kim Neuman via email kneuman@hueber-breuer.com or Bill Pellenz via email bpellenz@hueber-breuer.com.

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