Working exclusively to guide owners through all aspects of construction


One contract. One team. One point of responsibility for navigating design, subcontracts, and construction.


Steel workers, masons, plumbers, painters all coordinated to produce a finished building.


We don’t just build, we develop commercial real estate.

Construction Management

Just as a real estate agent provides research and advice for a client regarding property, a Construction Manager represents and guides an owner through the complexities of the construction process. A Construction Manager has no direct contractual relationship with the companies performing the work, or the design professionals. Instead, the Construction Manager works exclusively for the owner, providing objective guidance and expertise throughout all aspects of the project. Design efficiency, cost analysis, work schedule durations, contractor coordination and quality control are the areas that an experienced Construction Manager such as Hueber-Breuer will apply their expertise.



Design-Build construction is the process by which a single organization is responsible for both creating a coordinated project design, and then building the project according to those established specifications. Hueber-Breuer has been a pioneer and leader of this unique and efficient project delivery system for over 30 years. Design/build has become increasingly popular with owners because it provides them with a single point of responsibility for the entire aspect of their construction project.


General Construction

The typical construction process involves a wide variety of specialty contractors.  Steel workers, masons, plumbers, painters….along with many other trades….construct their work in a coordinated fashion to produce the overall finished building. General construction is the terminology used to describe all work that is not HVAC, plumbing, fire protection or electric. In addition to our construction management expertise, Hueber-Breuer continues to provide high quality general construction services to clients for the past 125 years.



We don’t just build, we own. Hueber-Breuer is a Builder/Developer with deep community ties, a knowledge of managing risk, and a commitment to integrity in commercial development.  The development arm of our firm places us at the cross-section of construction and development. We have built and manage student housing developments in Downtown Syracuse and office redevelopment projects in both the Franklin Square District and Syracuse’s Inner Harbor.

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