Our Team

We have constructed some of the most notable landmarks and facilities in the area, and for that we are extremely proud. Our impressive volume of work is second to the quality and complexity of the projects we have undertaken.


Our professional team is a critical point of contact in delivering these services and in driving the vision of our company to deliver exceptional construction services leaving behind a legacy of quality, integrity, and excellence.

Jim Breuer

Jim Breuer
Jim Breuer

J. Andrew Breuer
Andy Breuer, President

Charles F. Breuer
Charlie Breuer, Executive Vice President

Brian Atwater, Project Superintendent

Chris Barnes, Project Manager

Lou Box, Project Manager

Joe Cotter, Chief Financial Officer

Ken Czarnecki, Vice President of Preconstruction

Otis Deluca, Project Manager LEED AP, BD+C

Susan Donegan, Project Coordinator

Greg Dopko, Project Manager

John Michael Duby, Project Engineer

Sean Foran, Executive Project Manager DFPS

With Hueber-Breuer Since 2016
Marcia Graham, Accounting Associate

Nick Galtieri, Laborer

Jim Hagan, Project Manager

Derek Heath, Project Manager

Kevin Hostetter, Superintendent

John Kogut, Vice President

Aaron LaSala, Project Manager

Marissa Hueber-Breuer Since 2016
Marissa Cameron, Project Coordinator

Otey Marshall, Vice President of Construction

Denise McCarthy, Accounting Manager

Julie Nelson, Marketing and Communications

Kim Neuman, Project Coordinator

Ralph Orlandella, Safety Manager

Mindy Parker, Receptionist

With Hueber-Breuer Since 2016
Josh Patricoski, Assistant Project Manager

Bill Pellenz, Chief Estimator

Nate Podkaminer, Executive Vice President

Annette Schilling, Project Coordinator

Jim Stevens, Superintendent

Aaron Walter, Project Manager

Jake Walter, Superintendent

Lisa Weaver, Project Coordinator

David Wilson, Manager

Julie Wood, Project Coordinator

Jonathan Zemotel, Superintendent

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