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Our wordmark can only be used on a white, light or neutral background. The wordmark may be placed on photography in certain instances, but the image must not conflict with the wordmark’s legibility.

The wordmark should always appear with the tagline “quality since 1880” beneath the name Hueber-Breuer.  For instances where a black and white version of our wordmark is needed, please request one from our Marketing and Communications department.


When the wordmark appears on its own, it requires a fixed amount of clear space around it with a thick, fixed black border bleeding to the edge of the document. Text, photos or other graphic elements should never encroach on this space. A 1/2 inch to an inch of space (on screen) should separate the Hueber-Breuer logo from other elements. There are no guidelines for where on a document the Hueber-Breuer logo can be placed.


It is important that the wordmark and tagline remain at a legible size. Do not scale the logo smaller than 1.5 – 2 inches on screen or 2 inches on print.


Our company color is a special green we call “Hueber-Green.” It is complimented by a dark gray, silver and white. Every effort should be made to match the approved colors.

Hueber Green
P M S  5 5 7 U                 C M Y K  48 | 07 | 44 | 0S C R E E N 
H E X # 8 A C 0 A 1         R G B  138 | 192 | 161


Charcoal Gray*
P R I N T 
P M S B L A C K  7 C        C M Y K   0 | 0 | 0 | 90S C R E E N
H E X # 3 E 3 D 3 C         R G B  62 | 61 | 60

G R A Y S C A L E  K 9 0


Medium Gray
P M S  S I L V E R G R A Y  7 C       C M Y K  8 | 2 | 0 | 30S C R E E N
H E X # C C C C C C          R G B  173 | 179 | 184

G R A Y S C A L E K 4 5


* The PMS for Syracuse Charcoal Gray is provided for color reference. 90% black should be used whenever possible.

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