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    Building for public use and strengthening the presence of municipalities

Civic / Government

Buildings for public use are markers of not just the strength of a municipality’s presence but the ingenuity of a city or town and how it welcomes guests and handles development and city improvements.  Hueber-Breuer understands the importance for sound, safe, and well-constructed public spaces whether it’s for government or the people it serves.

Hueber-Breuer provides our clients with the technical and professional competency needed to execute big or small public projects. Relocating the bus transfer station in downtown Syracuse, is one example.  There were challenges, one of which was the implementation of a variety of different types of hard concrete wearing surfaces – throughout the expanse of an entire city block.  Highly innovative formwork techniques were adopted that would integrate the many different slab thicknesses, reinforcing requirements, and hydronic slab tubing placed within the slab to allow snow melting during winter months.  Constructing a LEED Silver Certified space in a high-traffic area in one of the coldest and snowiest regions of the country was no easy feat.

We are committed to ensuring that our clients, our neighbors, trust that we are meeting and exceeding their needs.

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