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    We are premier and we are builders.


In the competitive and ever-changing world of commercial construction, timeliness, quality, and cost control make all the difference.

At Hueber-Breuer, building is our passion. Our approach is hands-on. We know the local workforce. We understand local concerns around large and small projects because we are part of the fabric of our community. With a reputation built from decades of commercial building experiences that have shaped our region, we expect the best from our design and subcontractor partners.

We also understand the urgency of an on-time schedule, without compromising safety. Having won several safety awards, we know that pre-construction through close-out, each project matters to everyone: the owner, the designer, the subcontractors and the end users.

When we drive by our projects, we’re proud that the owners entrusted us to make their concepts a reality.

  • Hospitality$8 Million

    Cazanovia Hampton Inn 000

    Cazenovia Hampton Inn

    25 Lakers Lane Cazenovia NY United State…
      Hotels  65,000 sq ft  80 Bed

  • Retail$2 Million

    CVS Pharmacy – Glenville

    259 Saratoga Rd #261 Scotia New York Uni…
      Retail  14,400 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Retail Million

    Rapp Nissan Auto Dealership

    3446 Burnet Ave Syracuse New York United…
      Retail  20,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Retail$1 Million

    Northern Federal Credit Union

    120 Factory Street Calcium New York Unit…
      Retail  3,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Hospitality$6 Million

    Wallcourt Inn

    391 Main Street, Aurora Aurora New York …
      Feature, Hotels  10,500 sq ft  17 Bed

  • Hospitality$10 Million

    Crowne Plaza Hotel

    701 E Genesee St, Syracuse Syracuse New …
      Hotels  200,000 sq ft  280 Bed

  • Hospitality$5 Million

    Holiday Inn Express

    5418 S Bay Rd, North Syracuse North Syra…
      Hotels  NA sq ft  95 Bed

  • Hospitality$6 Million

    Crest Hotel and Suites, Albany New York

    Cresthill Suites Albany

    1415 Washington Ave, Albany Albany New Y…
      Hotels  NA sq ft  95 Bed

  • Hospitality$4 MIllion

    Cresthill Suites DeWitt

    6410 New Venture Gear Drive East Syracus…
      Hotels  60,000 sq ft  86 Bed

  • Office$6 Million

    King + King Architects Office

    358 West Jefferson Street, Syracuse Syra…
      Commercial, Sustainable  52,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Retail$3 Million

    East Syracuse Chevrolet

    1 Chevy Drive East Syracuse New York Uni…
      Retail  60,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Office$11 Million

    The Post-Standard

    101-239 N. Salina St Syracuse New York U…
      Commercial  42,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Office, Parking$5 Million

    Time Warner Cable News Station

    815 Erie Blvd East Syracuse NY United St…
      Commercial, Historic  27,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Office

    Hueber-Breuer Office Renovation

    Hueber-Breuer Office Renovation

    148 Berwyn Avenue, Syracuse Syracuse New…
      Commercial, Sustainable  10,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Office$3 Million

    100 Clinton Square

    100 South Clinton Street Syracuse NY Uni…
      Commercial, Historic  70,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Office$6 Million

    Franklin Center

    443 North Franklin Street, Syracuse Syra…
      Commercial, Historic  58,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Parking$7 Million

    Larned-Vanderbilt Parking Garage

    114 South Warren Street, Syracuse NY Un…
      Commercial, Historic  70,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Parking$5 Million

    Irving Avenue Parking Garage

    918 Irving Ave Syracuse University, Syr…
      Commercial  124,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Parking$13 Million

    Crouse Hospital Parking Garage

    736 Irving Avenue, Syracuse Syracuse NY …
      Commercial  248,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Municipal, Office$3 Million

    Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce Headquarters

    572 South Salina Street, Syracuse Syracu…
      Commercial  24,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Office$4 Million

    Time Warner Cable Data Center

    6005 Fair Lakes Rd, East Syracuse East S…
      Commercial  17,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Office$6 Million

    706 North Clinton Street

    706 North Clinton Street Syracuse NY Uni…
      Commercial, Feature  40,000 sq ft  NA Bed


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