• Healthcare


    Building for Better Healthcare.

As highly experienced healthcare construction experts, Hueber-Breuer has built many of the leading institutions for healthcare in our region. We have continued to be an ally in their evolution and expansion. Whether it’s managing debris and being mindful of rerouting traffic in dense areas with on-going construction or attention to a sensitive schedule, we know how to tackle the unique challenges healthcare construction presents. And most of all, we work in a way that prevents interruptions to patient care and maximizes patient, staff, and visitor safety.

What we strive to be is a construction company that delivers hospital projects on schedule, within budget, with superior quality and with a vigilant focus on safety.

Hueber-Breuer excels at building environments that lend to the healing and wellness of the most important stakeholder in the healthcare process – the patient. In connection with private healthcare systems, academic medical centers, and public providers, we are continuing to build healthcare facilities for the betterment of our region.

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