• Downtown Syracuse Courthouse


    Leading the way in Historic Renovation.


It is fitting that our historic company (Quality Since 1880!) embraces the craft of preserving, renovating, and expanding historic buildings whose character and identity define our region. Attention to detail, care and craftsmanship are what our clients rely on and trust when selecting us for historic building projects.

Hueber-Breuer protects the integrity of historic buildings just as we did when renovating the Landmark Theatre, Onondaga County Courthouse, and Franklin Center. In each instance, we collaborated with owners early to understand the structures and details, the conditions they have aged in, and the environment around them. Whether we are restoring or enhancing a project, we know that the historic preservation of our buildings also strengthens and preserves our communities. With owners continuing to return to Hueber-Breuer time and again, there is no doubt we are the best at what we do – building a better tomorrow.


  • Office, Parking$5 Million

    Time Warner Cable News Station

    815 Erie Blvd East Syracuse NY United St…
      Commercial, Historic  27,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Non-Profit$13 Million

    Landmark Theatre Stage Expansion

    362 S Salina St, Syracuse NY United Sta…
      Community, Historic  NA sq ft  NA Bed

  • Office$3 Million

    100 Clinton Square

    100 South Clinton Street Syracuse NY Uni…
      Commercial, Historic  70,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Office$6 Million

    Franklin Center

    443 North Franklin Street, Syracuse Syra…
      Commercial, Historic  58,000 sq ft  NA Bed

  • Parking$7 Million

    Larned-Vanderbilt Parking Garage

    114 South Warren Street, Syracuse NY Un…
      Commercial, Historic  70,000 sq ft  NA Bed

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